The Clicking Booth’s Campaign

November 11 to November 26, 2022 | Toronto

Don't you just love it when you instantly click with a person? It can be a friend, a best friend, or a lover. Are you looking for a partner? Are you looking for new friends? We've got you covered! Come to a night full of surprises. You have a chance to get 15 dates in one night! The night promises a super fun experience, with raffle prizes and snacks and drinks available. Why should you attend the Clicking booth event in-person Toronto speed dating event? For starters, we stress over our dating event and strive to deliver a one-of-a-kind one-night encounter. We are hosting a speed dating/networking event in Toronto for singles and groups of people that have an enthusiastic, vibrant, and fast-paced dynamic that avoids standard speed dating stereotypes. Speed dating is more than just going through the motions with people's dull, forced talk. In-person speed dating/networking is all about having fun! You don't have to break the ice. Our event is designed to allow guests to meet new people while having fun. You could even come away from the event knowing more about yourself!

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Nearly everyone of us has been experiencing anxiety since the pandemic. We think that one of the most common types of mental illness nowadays is anxiety. Your health may suffer from anxiety. According to research, if you have an anxiety disorder, your risk of developing physical health issues may also be increased. Therefore, by controlling your anxiety, you are also caring after your physical health. Through this mission, let's join hands together and help those in need.