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January 1 to January 1, 1970 |

Raising funds for accessible, proven help with anxiety.

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About Meen Makur

Fundraising for action anxiety day

Dear Respected Donator!
My name is Meen Makur from South Sudan, and I'm raising money in order to complete bachelor of science in health care Administration at Yesbud University in India. My dream is to be a healthcare professional and provide free healthcare to the deprived class of this society and I'm committed to work extremely hard to achieve my goal. Completion of my studies is vital in this regard. But, unfortunately, I cannot afford to continue my study as Iam from a poor family and my father has recently lost his job and my family is under immense financial situation. We do not have a resource of income and can not pay tuition fees by myself. So I request you please to support me with whatever you have in your hands to help me out. My goal is to raise $5,000 which will pay for my education related expenses and also a small portion is given to the orphanage children that iam taking care here. This small donation aids over 5 children in their daily living from eating to providing clothing for them. Please help me by donating small money and share the fundraise with your friends and family as well as possible!
Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.
Yours obediently,
Meen Makur