Manon’s Campaign

May 28 to June 28, 2023 | Nepean

Raising funds for accessible, proven help with anxiety.

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$500.00 goal

About Manon Abud

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I am the mother of two young women whose life journeys were marked by anxiety. And I’m not alone: my friend’s son; my colleague’s daughter... An endless parade of worried parents trying to help their kids overcome crippling fears, self-doubt, and despair.

My girls are among the lucky ones: their experience of this condition was thankfully moderate, and we had the personal and financial resources to seek help for them early and effectively. While they still struggle at times, they have both blossomed into resilient and accomplished young adults who have learned to understand and tame their anxiety.

I recognize how very privileged we were to have the means to support them in this way: this is unfortunately not the experience of most kids and adults living with anxiety.

This is why I am fundraising for Anxiety Canada: to raise awareness about the burden of anxiety, to fight the stigma, and to make resources and supports more readily available to those who need help and can’t access it.

Because the good news is that when you don’t walk this road alone, the journey becomes much easier, and you can rediscover the spring in your step.