Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates’s Campaign

April 1 to July 1, 2023 | Toronto

Raising funds for accessible, proven help with anxiety.

$50.00 dollars

$1,750.00 goal

About Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates Romano-Dwyer

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The Mindshift.cbt app was invaluable during the restrictions imposed by Covid. As a registered social worker, psychotherapist in private practice here in Toronto, helping people to cope during extremely stressful periods was enhanced by the good work of Anxiety Canada. I am happy to support your efforts on funding research that is both evidence-based and practical. Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates is dedicated to health and wellness. Stress is the number one cause of anxiety in the lives of individuals, couples and families. Stressors may include a build up of small events associated with daily living, such as filling up your car with gas, shopping for groceries, or dealing with conflict at work or school. Stress is also caused by more serious situations in your relationships that warrant time, care, and compassion to repair. The Mindshift.cbt App has proven especially valuable for clients during Covid. Let's support Anxiety Canada's efforts to fund evidence-based research to develop strategies & tools that really work.


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