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March 29 to April 22, 2024 | Vancouver

Raising funds for accessible, proven help with anxiety.

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Good afternoon Anxiety Canada.

We are raising money to support mental health through our Facebook page and YouTube Vlog. We will be filming our adventures as we travel on motorcycles all over the world. We will be starting this adventure soon, beginning with a journey from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to wherever the road takes us. That will be a surprise and we would love you to follow us on our journey via Facebook and YouTube. We will be employing humor and light heartedness throughout this journey and in our Vlogs, as we are intimately aware of the power of humor and positive messaging. We want to raise money and awareness of/for anxiety and mental health, because this is a cause close to our hearts. We have been affected by it, we know others who have been, and I suspect the majority of the population has been affected by it at some point. We would love to partner with you so that we can fund our journey in support of mental health and would ask that a percentage of the money raised would support our travels(thirty percent) and a percentage would go to anxiety/mental health(seventy percent). This will be our first time with such a venture and we think this will be very worthwhile and exciting. Any support and input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

Martin Van Steinburg (Brotus M Artima) and Montana Allan Jones

[email protected]